Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Love~ Why Do We Neglect Breaks?

A pretty girl with a nice figure is living a normal life until one day she stumbles upon a life changing television show. That television show leads her to become America's next top model and later get some acting roles. Her name is Eva Pigford, but she later uses Marcille as her last name because it's more marketable.

At one point he was a corrections officer. Then he managed to make his big break into the music industry. Now he rocks a huge beard, a big belly, designer pajamas, and millions of dollars. He's also known for his average rap lines about drug dealing and his health issues. His name is Rick Ross.

He was once a man with a dream. He learned how to rap, produce, start his own business, and successfully promote artist. He's made sure to appear everywhere with the people he made a success, including music videos and the red carpet. He also launched a successful clothing line and manages to keep his baby momma's happy. Of course he is worth $500 million. His name is Sean P. Diddy Combs and his biggest promotion right  now is working while everyone else is sleep.

She's been around for about 15 years. Her first debut was in the group Destiny's Child, but now she no longer needs other members to help justify her talent. She's worth $300 million and even when she takes breaks she's still working. Even with being pregnant, she still finds ways to drop enjoying music videos. Even when she tries to have a private life, the paparazzi catches a pictures of her going somewhere every single day. Her name is Beyonce.

She's a regular girl at a regular job trying to figure out how to take her success to the next level. He's a regular man sitting behind a desk trying to figure out how to turn a $100 into $1000. Stress forms when there's not enough money. Worry makes them forget about taking breaks from their everyday routine. People around them push them to be better, even though they are already trying to be better. Seizures, asthma attacks, stress, high blood pressure, and many other illnesses also run these people's lives. Why?

The stars mentioned above get their big breaks when they hit fame. However, like millions of lower class and middle class folks they neglect to really take care of themselves until something bad occurs. For example, after a health attack Eva Marcille announced on America's Next Top Model that she struggled with Lupus. Recently Rick Ross suffered two seizures before his concerts started being cancelled and his health became a major priority. While she wasn't mentioned above, Rihanna recently cancelled performances due to being sick and stressed out.

Recently I took a vacation to California. That's one of my dream places to live. There was hesitation from some people close to me because they just don't understand my goals or mindset. However, forget the goals and mindset. Forget about the amount of money it takes to achieve anything. Think of it as just a vacation away from the real world. Why do people find it so easy to push a person to achieve goals, work hard, or even make money? Why do we value the dollar over what our body is telling us to do? Better yet, why do we wait until our health takes a toll for the worse to realize we need real breaks? I'm referring to the breaks that involve fun, laughter, friends, or maybe even relaxing on some beach by yourself.

Studies have shown that breaks increase our health and happiness by 90 percent.

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