Monday, November 14, 2011

Kim Kardashian Is Being Sued Over Hair Removal Product

Kim Kardashian is being sued over a hair removal product that she became the spokesperson for. Did you know that lots of people buy hair removal products? Of course you did. Did you also know that there are people that look for products that will remove the hair from every single place on their body? This includes the vagina and anus. Well there are many people who look for the simplest efforts to eliminate hair from everywhere on their body. That's why Radiant, a hair removal franchise, is suing Kim Kardashian for falsely promoting their product.

Apparent Kim has told her fans that she uses the Tria product all over her body and you will never need a razor again. Radiant feels these are false claims because the product is unsafe to use everywhere on the body and a razor is used in conjunction with the product.

Do you think Radiant is right for this lawsuit? Do you think Kim K even cares? Honestly after being accused of marrying for money and building a career on looks, I think Kim should laugh this lawsuit off.

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