Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Reasons Why Kim Kardashian Would Be Married For Only 72 Days

After proclaiming to the world that she had found love, a huge wedding on the E! Network,  and 72 long days of marriage Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce. However, no one seems to be surprised. Many people are saying they were more shocked by the fact that she made it down the aisle. But why do we feel this way? Why is no one supporting the value of marriage? Even more, why would we expect for Kim Kardashian's marriage to fail?

Let's face it. Marriage or not,Kim K is star. It all started over a decade ago when her father was an assistant attorney on the O J Simpson trial. The minute OJ was acquitted of all charges, the whole family was set with money for life. However, we wouldn't meet miss Kim right away. Her real introduction into fame was when she became the jump-off of Willie Norwood Jr, also known as Ray J. Everyone saw it on tape. Then Kim managed to keep her relevance by getting into a rocky relationship with Reggie Bush. After Reggie she burst into the entertainment scene with her own reality television show.Well at least the show started off about Kim and then became about the whole family. That family found a way to make millions without any real talent, except for their bodily talent. I'm talking about looks. Everyone looks Kim K and her sisters because they are all relatively pretty. If they aren't pretty, they find ways to feel pretty. 

Her time on reality television has shown us just how obsessed Kim K is with love. It started with her youngest sister getting knocked up by a no-good guy. The jealousy was in Kim K's eyes. Then once she expressed her need for marriage, Reggie Bush finally disappeared off the scene. Then the worse thing ever happened for Kim. Her sister Khloe, the one built like a football player, married Lamar Odom. So we should have seen Kim K's marriage coming. Even if it meant walking down the aisle by herself.

So Kim Kardashian is a successful woman. She gets paid just to walk down the street. However, her marriage only lasts 72 days before she's yelling for a divorce and no one is shocked. Now why would that be? Below are a few explanations. 

She Didn't Understand What She Was Getting Into 
I once heard someone say they were eager to get married until they realized the marriage would not be all about them. They'd have to learn to share their space, their time, money, and material possessions. One of Kim K's biggest complaints is her husband is spending all her money. See the problem?

She Wanted It
Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom dated and created a bond before they tied the knot. When you watch them on television you can tell they understand what that special commitment means. However, Kim K always came off as jealous of her sisters. She saw what they had and tried her best to get it. Once she got the ring, it  wasn't important anymore. Getting married was no longer a bucket list request. It was an achievement. Sometimes once we achieve goal, it is no longer important. What's important is the next goal. Kim wanted the ring, but she didn't plan on keeping it. 

Kim K Is Miss Independent 
Remember Webbie's song "Independent?" It was all about a woman who works hard and has claim to all her possessions with no help. Kim Kardashian, if you forget her family, has achieved a huge success and become miss independent. Webbie brags about miss independent and how attractive she is. However, what Webbie and most men fail to realize is the real independent chicks don't need or want a man. Kim K didn't need Ray J for fame, but it happened. She didn't need Reggie Bush in order to stay relevant. Her family already had plans for that. Most of all Kim never need a man to get married. She just chose to be traditional. I'm sure there was some sort of paycheck along with it, but you get the point. Kim Kardashian has rose to success on her own. When we think of her we don't think of the men she's been with or the one she's currently divorcing. We see a independent chick. 

Another reason is he just wasn't black. Kim has a history with black man and as the saying goes "Once you go black you don't go back." I may be wrong. There could be another reason why Kim Kardashian couldn't handle the committed life. Why do you think this star status chick failed at the task? Can you handle marriage, or even a relationship for longer than 72 days? 

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