Friday, December 30, 2011

Best Songs Of 2011

Last year I tried my hardest to pick out the best songs of 2010. It wasn't easy, but it was done. Now I'm  about to attempt to pick out the best songs of 2011. They may not be the absolute best, but these songs touched my heart this year. Or at least they made me feel some kind of way. Check five of them out below.

K'La was a fairly new artist, but she came hard with the lyrics.

Just think of how proud the Notorious B.I.G would be to hear what was done to his song in 2011. This song rejuvenated my love for writing.

What more can I say? Gangsta Boo is back. Now I feel like I can drop the Barbie exterior and pull my hood side back out.

Drake may be emotional to the max, but Lloyd stole the attention away from him with this song. Lloyd is singing about another man up in his woman's pussy, but I loved it.

The last song was a hard choice, but this was another remake that made me want to get on the dance floor and pop my pussy.

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