Saturday, December 17, 2011

For Better Or Worse/Kobe Bryant And Vanessa Divorce

This article isn't really going to express whether I think Kobe and Vanessa Bryant should be getting divorced. It's not going to badmouth Tyler Perry's show "For Better Or Worse Either." I'll just make a simple comparison. 

Ever since he was old enough to throw a basketball Kobe Bryant has become one of America's sexiest men. He's has women painting their faces all 7 days a week just to look pretty for him, throwing panties at him, wearing no panties or bra to basketball games, and planning to be his future wife. Now the fact that Kobe married Vanessa Bryant a little over 10 years ago has nothing to do with women planning to be his future wife. They wanted that marriage to end way before Kobe was accused of rape back in 2004. 

Remember that rape case? I found out someone actually believed Kobe may have raped that woman instead of her willingly having sex with him. I pray for the person that believes Kobe Bryant has to rape women to get sex. Anyway back to the point. 

Women have been plotting for years to end the marriage between the Bryant's. Apparently Kobe wasn't honoring his marriage much either though. Recently Vanessa filed for divorce. One of the rumored excuses is that she could no longer handle his cheating. But can any woman handle cheating? Should cheating be handled? Or is it better to just go your separate ways? 

Tyler Perry seems to think it's okay to continually cheat, argue, and never really handle the situation. This is shown in his new show "For Better Or Worse." 

"For Better Or Worse" takes the characters of Angela and Marcus from the "Why Did I Get Married?" movies and focuses on their relationship. On the show they are dealing with unfaithfulness, lack of trust, stressful jobs, and stressful baby mothers. The lack of trust causes Angela to continually yell at Marcus, attack her friends, and keep her from doing her best at work. However, while there's no trust and a lot of yelling they  seem to be nowhere near each other's lives. In fact it's almost as if the couple's relationship works on anger and not happiness. 

While Angela puts her business in the streets and around the country when it comes to her disastrous relationship, we don't know much about how Kobe and Vanessa worked. We did know that she got a nice $4 million wedding ring after Kobe first got caught cheating. Oh, plus that character of Marcus in "For Better Or Worse" is rich and has plenty of women throwing themselves at him. 

Like I said before I just wanted to make a comparison. "For Better Or Worse" is still in it's pilot season. Perry has 10 shows total to prove whether this show will be on air in 2012. 

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