Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Hustle of Creating A Relationship/ TI And Tiny The Family Hustle

TI and Tiny The Family Hustle has finally premiered.

Just in case you haven't already heard it's a new show based on the relationship of Tiny, singer from Xscape, and TI's, the rap king of Atlanta, relationship. This show is meant to reveal how Tiny and TI work to get their relationship going and take care of their family at the same time. During premiere night we were able to see two episodes. These episode have so far revealed how TI adjusted after being released from jail, how  Tiny patiently wait for him, and how TI manaed to cater to his kids while getting back to a professional life.

The first two episodes also prepared us for what's next. It seems as if this couple is going to show a lot of their rich lifestyle, how they are still ghetto in every way, and how love comes before flaws. Are you going to continue to watch? Are you inspired?

I'm very inspired. In fact I'm so inspired that I will be taking notes of what Tiny does to keep her family and man happy. She's not the prettiest woman in the world, but she's already named herself a ride or die chick. While some people wonder why TI is with her, it's obvious he loves her. It's also obvious that many of us want a relationship like theirs.

No, not every woman wants a man with a criminal record. Not every man wants a woman that is totally dependent on him. However, everyone wants love and that is what Tiny and TI have. So each week I will write a post on the show and what Tiny is doing that I, or you, might learn from.

Relationships are hard and we have to hustle to get them and make them work. Tune in next week for my love lessons lessons series of Tameka Tiny Cottle.

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