Monday, December 26, 2011

Letter To My Son- Don Trip

The focus of emotional music made by men lately has fallen on Drake and Common. As many people know, they are currently beefing with no explanation as to how it started. However, the beef isn't important. Usually when we hear emo music done by men, we think of how a man broke a woman's heart and feels horrible or how he just wants to confess his love. Well, this next song involves neither of those.
The song called "Letter To My Son" and it's done by Don Trip and Cee-Lo. It stuck out to me because there is a guy who spends at least once a week on twitter saying hateful things about his baby mama. The same woman that he was so willing to have sex with and create a child with is the same woman he constantly trashes. The way he does it is horrible, but after hearing this song I don't even know what to think about men with those issues.

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