Sunday, December 11, 2011

Visions Of The Future: Continually Creating Goals

Usually every Sunday I take the time to reflect on past experiences that are influencing my current ideas. I dive into memories from long ago and some from the past wee. However, lately my thought process has taken a new direction. It's not about the past anymore.

While we can reminisce on the past, none of us can change it. However, we can see to it that our future is mapped out the way we want it. That's my new process. I may still let you know of crazy events that have gone on in my life, but as of now I want to make sure my future starts looking brighter. The only way to do it is to focus more on the future than the past.

So for each Sunday I will introduce you to new goals and why they need to be accomplished. I've noticed sometimes when you say you want to do something or go places, people automatically turn their backs on you because they just don't understand. Well, this will be my attempt to explain to you why I need to do these goals, no matter how ridiculously or financially wasteful they are.

Goals For 2012

Writing For More Websites Than My Own
Mini Weekend Vacation To San Antonio
Week Long Hawaii Trip
Week Long Trip To California With Friends/Networking
New Creative Adventure For My Birthday

So my goal in visions of the future is to explain to you the importance of accomplishing my current goals and give you an insight into new ones that come to mind. The first goal will be talked about next Sunday. Are you ready and open minded? I hope you are.

P.S. You can't talk about goals without talking about accomplishments. There will be updates for special accomplishments coming also.

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