Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hair Journey~ Celebrating Three Months Of A New Growth

I hope you are checking my labels. I'm continually creating new ones to match the posts. In the past I've been using a label called "Standing Out Physically" to talk about the styles I want to copy and the changes I'm currently making. Well three months ago, September 17th, I decided to cut off all my permed hair and start growing my hair naturally. My experiences were mentioned under the above label, but now I'm creating a new label specifically for the hair journey. It's called "Hair Journey." Now that I've gotten that out of the way, we'll move on to what's really important.

Celebrating Three Months Of New Growth
I'm not good with anniversaries. My birthday is easy to remember since I was born on that day. Christmas falls on the same day each year and everyone celebrates it. People close to you get mad when you don't remember their birthdays, so I'm forced to remember those. However little anniversaries, such as the day I met the man of my dreams and the day he walked out of my life, are a huge challenge for me to remember. I've started to change this challenge though. In fact three months ago I decided to celebrate the remembrance of anniversaries by talking about a big change that I made. That change is cutting off all my permed hair and going natural.

Since I've already talked about some experiences since that day I'm not going into huge details. I'll just start off with what annoys me with this process. The annoying part is random people wanting to feel in my hair. Just a week ago two different people felt into my hair. One was a professional, who wanted to let me know what type of hair texture I had. Since I've gone three months now I already knew the hair texture, but this weird woman thought she could do a better job of telling me. The other was some random person at a club. I don't know who he or she was, but they dug their hands into my head real quickly and then disappeared. But why? We all have hair. If you ask it's sort of okay to me, but that involuntary shit is annoying.

Now for the good parts of this hair journey. I can definitely say that I have a short and thick Afro. Check out the picture above for evidence. It's beautiful too. Do you want to feel how thick it is? This part is something I could never see on me. Other girls had that thick hair that Afro'd up from time to time. I never saw that on myself. It's amazing because it's actually cute. No one needs to tell me this is cute because I can see it for myself.

Another amazing thing is focusing on my hair has taken a lot of stress away. You'd probably have to be me to understand this logic, but I'll try to explain it to you anyway. This new journey with my hair has made me care a lot less about long silky hair. The letting go of silky hair fantasies has also helped me to ease up on caring about what others think of my career goals. I mean I got all my hair cut off without consulting anyone about the career look part, so why should I care about what people think of my choices in that area? Well the career focus is all I have for now as far as the stress change.

I'll update you more on this hair journey next month. By then I'll probably have spiced this look up with some color. In the mean time check out more photos below.

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