Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Love After War: Robin Thicke's Hit Song From His New Album

For those of you who have been waiting for Robin Thicke to come out with some new romantic songs that will put good thoughts in your head while you sleep, he is finally back with a new album.

That album is called Love After War and every song is great and just right for cuddle season. However, there is one obvious voice on the album. No, it's not Robin Thicke. The voice is that of Lil Wayne. Lately we've heard Lil Wayne on every hit song out, but on Love After War Lil Wayne is the only feature.

The song Lil Wayne adds his nonsensical talent to is Pretty Lil Heart. Listen below.

Why do you think Robin Thicke only chose one feature and decided it would be Lil Wayne? Do you think Pretty Lil Heart is going to top the charts because of Lil Wayne's nonsensical rhyme at the beginning? I think that is exactly why he was chosen.

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