Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Relationship Hustle: Advice Tiny Is Accidentally Giving Out

For the second week in a row I tuned into TI And Tiny: The Family Hustle and I learned a few things.

One lesson was about black kids. Remember when you were little and you said some crazy things? Some of the stuff your parents put up with and some of it you made sure not to say around them. Well, black kids are still saying the craziest things. For example one of TI's children said he would like to order a beer. TI looked at him and laughed it off. The child also asked if he could marry a white woman. When we were kids that kind of talk would have been adorable, but now that we are adults seeing it is still adorable.

The other lesson came from Tameka Tiny Cottle . Well, actually Tiny is what this post is mainly about. On the very first episode Tiny taught us that being yourself is okay. It's obvious that woman came from the hood. Even though she now lives in a million dollar house and travels around the world, the hood is still in her. It's also obvious that TI loves her for it. On this week's episode Tiny showed us her business side and the support that she still gives to her man whenever he needs it.

It was a balancing act. In one instance TI was performing with Taylor Swift. Tiny was right by his side at the concert showing her support. On the other hand she was getting her girl group, OMG Girls, ready to perform at their own concert. Tiny successfully dressed the girls, did their hair, and had them practicing before they needed to go out. That's a skill.

I don't have the kind of balance where I can be there for a man and still manage a career at the same time yet. Do you? That's all I have for this week on Tiny. Be prepared for more next week.

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