Monday, September 1, 2014

(Changing Song Lyrics) Rich- Kirko Bangz & August Alsina

"Am I wrong for wanting better? Should I just settle forever?" Nope. I wanna be rich, so let me be your gold digger, don't see nothing wrong with wanting more, I wanna be rich, so give me access to your bank account, got a full time job but a Bitch always going broke, I wanna be rich, so help me save a large amount...Shy girls don't get heard, ladies who work hard for theirs get no love and bills just keep adding up, freaks only get catered to wherever there's a bed and some sheets...but a gold digger moves on up, nice ass new place, your money, dinners at fancy restaurants, your treat, my fun becomes your fun too, after all it's your money, while still working that 9-5, my money finally adding up...I wanna be rich, so let me be your gold digger.

That was my version of Kirko Bangz and August Alsina's Rich.

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