Tuesday, September 16, 2014

YEAH RIGHT! Adrian Peterson Says He Never Meant To Hurt His Son

Football has been a huge topic lately, but not because of what is happening on the field. It's all about what is happening in the players households. Adrian Peterson happens to be the person in the spotlight at the moment and unfortunately he has been accused of child abuse. 

Recently pictures were released showing huge red marks that Adrian left on his son after hitting him with a switch. The details of the case are that he hit his four year old with the switch and stuff leaves in his mouth while doing it. Clearly whatever the child did really pissed him off and he lost control. Now there are a lot of people battling with the difference between child abuse and regular physical discipline. 

Adrian Peterson is one of those people that has recently found out his definition of discipline is abuse. Since this case has been discussed so much, he felt compelled to release a statement to the public. In the statement we can tell he has learned his lesson, but there was one problem I had. It was the following statement. 

"I have to live with the fact that when I disciplined my son the way I was disciplined as a child, I caused an injury that I never intended or thought would happen." 

The lie detector indicates that is a lie. Everyone who has been hit with a switch, belt, extension cord, or even shoe knows it hurt like hell. The madder a parent is the harder they swing whatever they are holding at your bare skin. The intention of hitting a child with any of these items is for them to feel pain. 

"Stop crying or I'm going to give you something to cry about." While being hit every child has heard this statement. I have and it hurt even more to hear it, because I couldn't just stop crying while I was still feeling the pain. If Adrian Peterson did get disciplined the way he does his children, then he already knows the pain. He knew it would hurt his child. That is why he told used that switch. 

His statement says he has learned his lesson. I hope many other parents also learn from this too. Stop torturing your kids physically if you want them to respect you. Even if Adrian has learned his lesson, his four year old is afraid of him. He'll have to build the trust back up if he ever wants a relationship with that child. Children aren't the only ones who break their parents trust. It is also the opposite way. This is an incident everyone can learn from. 

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