Monday, September 22, 2014

The Assault- A Lifetime Original Movie Or Ripped From The Headlines?

#JadaPose, #IAmJada, and #IStandForJada were trending hashtags over the summer after some stupid boys re-uploaded a rape photo of a 16 year old name Jada.

The story goes that she went to a male who she thought was a friend, but then ended up being drugged and raped while unconscious. She didn't remember what happened until the photo surfaced. The boy who did it thought it was funny and surprisingly had supporters.

The rape had happened months before, but after Jada had started making more noise trying to stand up for herself the boy decided to sexually harass her all over again. The second time #JadaPose became a trending topic. For days a large amount of males laughed at her and imitated her unconscious body laying on the floor. The few people who tried to fight for her was shut down with disgusting remarks from the dumb males. Finally her story started to get major attention and the amount of people in favor of her started to outnumber the idiots who were laughing at her pain. While Jada's fight isn't over, her voice has once again been overshadowed by attempts of a corporation trying to making a few bucks.

The Assault is a Lifetime movie with moments so sensationalized you just can't help but keep watching. There is the stereotypical tough black female cop just lucky enough to get a potential rape case dropped in her lap. The cop was raped when she was a teen, so rape cases are like a revenge for her. There is also the black coach for the football team who goes hard for his job, his players, and is an activist in helping them stay focused toward their goals. He just wants to pretend what happened away. The rest of the faces in the movie, except maybe one football player, are all white.

The basics of the movie is a cheerleader is partying with other cheerleaders and football players. The girls that are supposed to be her friends act irresponsibly and leave her alone with the football players. She gets so drunk that a group of players decide it would be a good idea to have their way with her. They rape her, record it, and have photos too.

After realizing something is wrong, this 17 year old girl goes on a mission to prove she was raped and get the people responsible punished. The problem is she doesn't remember what happened and the players tell a whole bunch of lies to cover it up. However, she's a white girl so her story will get out there and people will pay attention. The pictures that prove something happened are initially taken down from the internet, but she adds them back up to make a statement. She uses some cheesy hashtag like #Cheerleader. It works.

The juicy part is when the video is discovered. The police officer lets her see it while her father is sitting there. The boys are charged, but while the investigation is still going on the school shows they give no damns about rape accusations and lets the players do what they do best. While a game is going on, the warrior rape victim walks onto the field with audio blasting throughout the whole station of the rape going on. That shut the game down and somehow gave her justice.

However, the worse part of this movie was that there was no mention of where it came from. There was no "Based On A True Story." There was just a message that this happens to teens all the time and to visit Lifetime's website. It makes me wonder if a network tried to make a rape victim's story irrelevant on purpose or if they just thought it would be cool to make a very wildly entertaining story about some high schooler being raped and essentially embarrassed by her classmates.

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