Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Whole Damn Year by Mary J. Blige

Sometimes when you've been going through the motions with a  terrible man, or terrible men, it takes a while to adjust back to who you were before. It takes a minute to get back to happiness and to accept a good man in your life. I don't really want to go down memory lane, but Mary J. Blige is reminding me and many others why it takes us a while to start trusting the next man that comes along in her new song Whole Damn Year.

In Whole Damn Year Mary J. is singing about how she still has trouble letting the special man in her life hold her the way he wants her to because of her past. She sings about having a bad year and needing at least a year to get her trust issues in order.

"See, Winter took most of my heart, and Spring punched me right in the stomach, Summer came looking for blood, and by Autumn I was left with nothing." Listen to Whole Damn Year below.

This is part of The London Sessions album dropping soon. 

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