Tuesday, November 11, 2014

August Alsina Talks Being In A Coma And Lessons Learned From It

August Alsina sat down with Hot 97 and talked about life after being in a coma and having to slow down with the amount of work he was doing. In the interview he gave some great lessons about pushing himself too hard, not paying attention to what his body was already telling him, and of course they asked about the Nicki M. rumors. However, we'll just focus on his point about working too hard. Below are some great take-aways about taking care of yourself before anything else.

August knew his body needed rest, but kept pushing himself anyway
In the interview he gives an example of Michael Jordan playing while having the flu back in the day. Just because one man does it and comes out, doesn't mean another one can. August knew his body was tired, but kept pushing himself anyway and the result was bad. What we can learn is to sit down when our bodies are telling us to sit down. 

No Seizures Run In His Family
August Alsina went through seizures, which he was experiencing for the first time ever. All of this happened because he chose to not take any time out to rest. It's no surprise. We're taught to put money over everything else. However, what we can learn is if we don't want to know how badly our health can get, we need to take care of ourselves. 

The worse than has happened to me when going too hard is irregular periods and occasionally getting so sick I have to call out of work and play nurse and patient at the same damn time. I don't want to know how much worse it could get, so I pay way more attention to my body now. 

God Has A Way of Sitting You Down
August said this was God's way of forcing him to sit down. If we don't pay attention to what is going on inside of us, God will force us to eventually take it seriously. 

One of my biggest pet peeves is that I do get sick occasionally, do experience physical pain like others, or I just need a hug, but it seems like the only one concerned at the time turns out to be me. However, one thing we all know is when tragedy or bad events happen, people all of a sudden care when they didn't before. I feel like we all need to care about ourselves and others more before God does something to make us care. 
Okay, now what is going to happen is we are all going to get back to our nine to five's, take vacation or take sick days according to the days the job gives us, and pray it's not that bad when we feel a little pain or sickness coming up. It is Flu season, so we'll all be coughing. 

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