Wednesday, November 12, 2014

#TheSisterhood A Look Into The Life Of Nuns

Almost every time I even think about the possibilities of dating, becoming a nun starts to look like a better choice. However, even though I'm not catholic, sometimes I'm still curious about the process. Other than never having sex, what else happens? Now I get to see just what the process of becoming a nun looks like, thanks to Lifetime network. There's about to be a new show called The Sisterhood, Becoming Nuns.

Before watching the show, there are websites that tell you what to do in order to give your life to the church forever. One website, A Nun's Life, breaks down steps to do this. They are pray, meet nuns, talk with a mentor, contact a religious community, work with the vocation director, join the community. Then like any job, there are also prerequisites to entering into this lifestyle. Yeah, it's a whole lot and we get to see some of it on live television.
How did the Catholic church approve this? Will Lifetime make this way of living look good? Is this to encourage other women, like me, to stop wasting time and join?

I have dreams of a future husband and a kid, so of course this isn't for me. However, there will be a lot to learn from The Sisterhood.

The pictures are courtesy from Lifetime.

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