Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Don Lemon Gives No Fucks About Sexual Assault Victims

Don Lemon gives no fucks about sexual assault victims. Recently our favorite yellow-boned nerd had the pleasure of speaking with one of Bill Cosby's alleged assault victims, Joan Tarshis. During the interview he asked her very uncomfortable questions about her experiences with Cosby and she tried her best to keep her calm. However, Don overstepped several boundaries in the interview. The biggest boundary was telling Joan how she should have never gave Cosby oral sex.  

"You know there are ways not to perform oral sex if you didn't want to do it."- Don Lemon. 

He really asked the stupidest questions that we all know the answers to. Bill Cosby was a man in his prime. As a Black man, he paved the way for many actors and comedians. While having a huge celebrity status, Bill was also a man and men have needs that not all know how to resist. These women looked up to him and would do whatever he told them to. There is no questioning why they continued to go back and take the free trips around the world afterward. 

Then again, this is television and sometimes you have to make a woman look bad for ratings purposes. Don must be watching and taking notes from Love & Hip Hop like the rest of us. 

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