Monday, November 17, 2014

Rush Hour Love

As she drove down 59 South headed toward Sugar Land, traffic slowed until cars weren’t moving at all. She stared at the time and it read 5:30 pm. She wouldn’t get back home in time to tune into the first showing of Love & Hip Hop, but it was all good. New shoes were haunting her in her sleep and this was the perfect moment to head to the mall.

While this traffic jam was irritating, ratchet music helped calm her nerves. The current song playing was by Sauce Walka and she couldn’t help but move to the beat. The music was flowing and she was in her zone. The day could only get better.

The man in the car next to hers was the one that wanted to make her day better. The moment he noticed her sitting there, he felt the need to say something. She was so beautiful to him. She looked happy and the sun made her brown skin glow. He wanted to be the one to make her happier, so he motioned for her attention.

It took a couple moments, but they finally locked eyes. He was happy she finally looked his way, but she was confused as to why this guy was waving her down.

Did he somehow know her already? She wasn’t sure so she waved back at him just in case. It wasn’t good enough though because he didn’t stop. He motioned for her to roll down her window and she hesitated. He was  cute, but who does this on the highway in the midst of traffic? The cars in front of her moved up a little, so she ignored him and proceeded to drive.

She didn’t get far before she was practically parked behind a million cars again and his car was still next to hers. She looked his way and saw that he was still staring. She finally said what the hell and rolled the window down. Maybe, just maybe this dude could be her Tupac with a degree.

He got out of his car and walked over to hers. They talked as fast as possible, exchanged names and phone numbers, and he promised her that he would be calling as soon as he could. He was a man that wanted to call her first and that turned her on.

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