Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Geneva Thomas Does More Than Throw Bottles In A Fight

If you thought the battle between Geneva Thomas and Melyssa Ford was over with, think again.

During the first season of Blood, Sweat, And Heels there was a long drawn out argument over whether the model agency owner, Mica Hughes, was an alcoholic. Many of her cast mates decided to hate her simply because she loved the liquor and partied hard. Although some of the scenes questioned her drinking habits, the show was incredibly boring. There was nothing else to go on. Knowing that these women needed to focus on more important things than embarrassing each other for the simplest issues on national television, many of us prayed the show would not be renewed. Bravo laughed in our faces and renewed the show anyway. As of now season two is being taped and the issues have gone as far as cast members being arrested.

Geneva Thomas is actually the one who was put in handcuffs and taken to jail. Supposedly while cameras were filming, her and Melyssa Ford got into a nasty argument that ended with a bottle being aimed at Melyssa's head. The bottle made contact and Melyssa received stitches because of it. However, Geneva refuses to let her look like a victim and has given Bravo more drama for the show.

TMZ revealed that Geneva has filed a $25 million lawsuit against Melyssa. It's because she doesn't want to be painted as a violent criminal.

This reminds me of a throwback song from college years. The lyrics go, "I don't fight. I don't argue. I just hit that Bitch with a bottle." Listen to the words of the song and you'll understand why Geneva doesn't see what she did as a problem.

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  1. Great writing style. Let's pray for more righteousness in the media to come...I am interested in reading your thoughts on Flex & Shanice's new show on OWN. Happy Wednesday, Lashuntrice :)