Friday, November 7, 2014

(Music) Dumb Shit by Tyrese

"I don't even know why I be making her feel this way."-Tyrese, Dumb Shit

Cuffing season has begun and most 20-somethings are now coupled up for a couple of months. On the other hand, I'm doing what I do best. That's explore what's on the Internet, come up with new topics to write about, or right about old topics in a different way. Since it is the season of love, I've been thinking about men and the way my encounters with them usually turn out.

As I was going through memories earlier tonight, Tyrese's new song Dumb Shit came across my twitter page. Dumb Shit is all about how a man really likes a woman or even loves her, but he still does dumb shit. He can't help it.

To make the song perfect, Snoop Dogg adds his own verse to Dumb Shit. Now we know Snoop has had some wild moments without his wife and had to explain them to her too. Listen below.

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