Monday, November 3, 2014

(Poem) That Heaux Over There

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That Heaux Over There with her pretty brown eyes, that’s his name for her.

He can’t stop admiring her beauty, her brown skin.

He loves the way her pretty brown skin shines in the light, perfect breasts that sit up just right and talk to him, and she’s petite just he way he likes his girls.

But he can’t appreciate the sight of her, too busy stuck on what her body might be able to do, who she’s been with, how she’s been fucking them, how many rounds they can go during sex, how she’ll ride his dick. 

She looks too good for what he has to offer, so his mind has to sexualize her to bring her down to his level.

Thirst trap shawty, that’s what he calls her, because in reality he can’t handle her.

Her intelligence outshines any thoughts in his mind.

She’s street smart and book smart but his mind won’t go past sex.

He can’t see her importance to the world, possible mother of his kids, the woman that could cook him meals, the one that could motivate him, lift him up, make him a better person.

He doesn’t want to see himself as the leader the household she helps run so Swoop is what he calls her.

If she’s down for it after he hits, he convinces himself that it’s okay for his friends to have her too.

She wants to like him and wants to find some way to admire him, but the label THOT bothers her too much.

She doesn’t know how to hide her sexuality, because yes, she likes the idea of sex, but still hearing words like slut, shone, THOT, and Swoop bothers her.

That Heaux Over There, seems like no matter where she turns, without knowing her, men have already labeled her, decided she’s nothing more than a heaux.

I can't count the amount of times men I've barely known decided I was just a heaux upon meeting them. Even if they didn't actually say it, their actions showed what they thought about me. I decided to write this, but even in writing this I haven't expressed the depth of trouble this causes. I'll never understand a man's obsession with diminishing a woman down to just someone he can see himself sexing and leaving, but its streets all around the world. 

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