Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dollicia Bryan Responds To Her Recent Haters

Recently Dollicia Bryan did an interview for Joy Daily about fashion. In the interview Ms. Bryan talked about some must have shoes that in reality no one can afford. Those shoes were Christian Louboutin Red Bottoms. She even went as far as to say Beyonce wears the shoes. Over 11,000 people viewed her video, which I posted a few days ago, and a lot of controversy was stirred up. Many people judged her because of her fashion tips and she has since responded via twitter. Her statements are below.

Wednesday 3/9/2011

Let's put it this way: All the people who is saying this argument is stupid & who cares about what shoes your wearing (cont)
(Cont) then later those same people that said the shoes were stupid later made it a point to start wearing Red Bottoms all the time

Later on yesterday she wrote: 

I was speaking to people in entertainment .... I would hope anyone out of entertainment wouldn't be concern with their shoes or bag

I forgot show's like "Fashion Police on E" & "who wore it best" on the blogs or "best and worst dressed " in magazines & red carpets (cont)

Is because we don't care what celebs wear!!!!! Yea right... I see blogs post every 5 seconds about a celebs shoes

While the video was surprising, it's obvious Ms. Bryan is into fashion. Even if I can't afford the Red Bottoms I'm not going to get mad at her for wearing her shoes. After all, fashion rules and her statement was true. People do judge on according to what you are wearing. 

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