Thursday, March 31, 2011

Miss Sexual Intellectual: If A Girl Wants To Get Oral Sex In A Room Full Of People

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There's this video on of some people at a Florid A&M University Sigma hosted party. The party is called Pajama Juice Jam and it happens every year. I've never been, but I've seen how people looked after the party. During my freshman year on campus a bunch of girls from my dorm went. They were cute when they  left, but sticky and dirty when they returned. I never asked what they did to look  like that. Anyway, in the video this girl gets oral sex from a guy and somehow someone taped it and sent it to World Star Hip Hop. However, unlike other people I don't have a problem with it.

First of all people do stuff that is a lot worse when they are at parties and clubs. Remember Usher's song "Love In The Club?" Well he wasn't talking about falling in love. He was talking about hardcore sex (or maybe lovemaking sex). While he just made a song, people do get down that way in clubs and at parties. Women wake up the next day next to a man whose name she doesn't  know. There are men who don't even worry about catching diseases anymore, at least the ones they can get rid of. One of my male friends told me one of his buddies actually made that statement out loud. Bottom line if people have sex. It just doesn't always get caught on camera.

Another reason I'm not mad is because they have to deal with the consequences. If either of them had a disease they have to deal with going to the clinic to get better. The two people in the video also have to deal with being judged. No one is judging me, because I was not the girl getting oral sex. I would never get oral sex in a public place (unless it was in the backseat of a car with my boyfriend). Therefore, I don't feel like I need to be angry.

Also, no one knows if they were FAMU students. Some people think we should be angry because the school is our Alma Mater. However, the party is a public party. Anyone by tickets. That means the girl or guy could have also been from Florida State University, Tallahassee Community College, a citizen, or even visiting the city. Calling them FAMU students just gives people more a reason to look at the video.

The biggest reason I'm not mad is because she can do whatever she wants. If a girl wants to get oral sex in a room full of people, that's her prerogative. That's her lifestyle that she is comfortable with. People practice public display of affection without same, so she should be able to do sexual stuff without being judged.

The only part that did bother me is the fact that someone video taped it (nasty asses). Can we have the freedom to do hood rat stuff without cameras being around?

(Disclaimer: Brought to you by a girl who wouldn't really do that shit)

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