Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Where Is Whitney Houston? --- Guest Blogger

Where Is Whitney Houston?
By Miss Sex and The City
Its been a little while since we heard from Whitney Houston. Granted she came out with her last album "I Look to You" I didn't buy it. I did like the "Million Dollar Bill" song and its really cool. However what I enjoy most is her voice when she's singing gospel. 

 I've been wondering when she's going to come out with another soul wrenching album about trials and tribulations and going to God in prayer. I listen to the songs from Preacher's Wife all the time. Yes, they are just as good when they came out in 1996.

But I think its time that Whitney tells us again why she loves the Lord so much and about his mercy and kindness. She needs to  remind us how going to him always helps. Of course I want to hear songs of pure encouragement. I do hope we hear from Whitney soon on the gospel circuit. I have to admit, I'd almost be tempted to see her in concert, but only for gospel.

So I'm hoping that Ms. Whitney will be gracing us with her presence again, only on the Gospel scene.

Camille Daniels aka Miss Sex And The City is a graduating senior at Florida A&M University. She's from the state that everyone dreams of visiting, New York.

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