Monday, March 7, 2011

Some People P. Diddy Might Not Fuck With Anymore

Over the last several months the media and gossip sites have focused on the beef between Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj. It's been a crazy beef, because Lil Kim has grown angrier by the minute and Nicki Minaj has started laughing more. However, Lil Kim hasn't just went after Nicki Minaj. She's also tried to attack P. Diddy for his loyalty to her, or lack there of. Unlike Nicki P. Diddy didn't get angry and he didn't laugh. He simply responded that he don't mess with people that aren't on his level.

It was an interesting answer considering the amount of people that P. Diddy has needed to elevate his career to the level that it is now. So I decided to compose a list of people P. Diddy has worked with, but doesn't talk to anymore. Check out the names below. Some of them are pretty obvious.


Jamal Michael Barrow, also known as Shyne, is a rapper who signed with Bad Boy Records in the '90s. Not only was he a rapper on the record label, but he was good friends with P. Diddy. He was such a good friend that  he claimed a gun that was involved in a Manhatten night club shooting was his. With him that night was P. Diddy and Jennifer Lopez. However, after going to prison P. Diddy cut off all ties toward Shyne.


Total was a trio group that released two albums under Bad Boy records. Some of their hits include Sitting At Home Waiting For You, Trippin, and Kissing You. Trippin was one of my favorite songs of theirs. The group lasted until 2000 when they all split up. While their vocals did a lot for P. Diddy, I'm pretty sure he's not in communication with them anymore. There's no money flow between him and the girls.


Mason Durell Betha, better known as Mase, was a rapper signed to Bad Boy records in the 90's. Well, he wasn't just another rapper. He was one of P. Diddy's best friends. They were on songs together and they both danced badly in music videos. Mase was on top of the rap game until he decided he wanted to leave and become a pastor. I'm pretty sure P. Diddy supported Mase' decision, but he still cut his ties to Mase. In 2004 Mase made a come-back, but not with Bad Boy records. Instead he did some songs under G-Unit. Now Mase is nowhere near P. Diddy's level, so I'm sure P. Diddy isn't drinking beer with him.

Day 26

Day 26 was a group created from P. Diddy's television show "Making The Band." Almost as soon as the show was over the group split. They don't have any hit records, so I'm pretty sure P. Diddy's not inviting any of them to his studio.

B5 was a child group signed to Bad Boy records. They had one album, which was released in 2007. If you blinked when their album came out, you probably missed them. As of 2009 they are no longer with Bad Boy records and they have changed their name to Audio. I don't know what happened, but I'm guessing P. Diddy's not going to invite them to feature on any songs of his.

There are probably a lot more people that P. Diddy chooses not to be bothered with, but on the bright side he's making money.

Now P. Diddy's not all the way heartless. There are a few people he still keeps in contact with.

P. Diddy feels obligated to keep in touch with Faith Evans. Faith Evans is the mother of one of the Notorious B.I.G's children. While Cassie sucks at singing, P. Diddy can't cut ties with her just yet. That's his loyal sideline chick. While Mario Winans only released one album under Bad Boy, P. Diddy hasn't cut ties with him. Winans was one of the executive producers on P. Diddy's 2010 Diddy-Dirty Money album.

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