Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Reflections: Being Motivated To Do What You Want To Do

The last time I wrote a short fiction story was in January. It was called "Mommy's In Need." I received the inspiration to write the story after reading a "real life" blog post on The guy was writing from his point of view about mothers having sex with their kids around, so I decided to write my point of view (in fiction of course). That's also how I've written a lot of my other stories and poems.

Something (whether verbalized or already written) catches my attention and then I write. I call these sudden moments of inspiration my motivation. If I'm not motivated I'm more than likely not going to write any fiction or poetry. I will however write what I'm getting paid to do.

For example I've been working for this small business as a website copywriter. The stories I've had to write have been about diabetes supplies, health insurance, life insurance, and headphones. Soon I'll have to write some stuff about pearls too. My boss is a hustler when it comes to selling products.

Those topics don't interest me as much as I try to make them become my interests, but I do get a little joy out of writing them. I get joy out of writing period. But that next story, poem, or even book just hasn't crossed my mind at the moment in time. Maybe soon I'll have something new for you to read or maybe it'll be another month before motivation hits me.

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