Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Reflections: Daddy's Little Reader

Earlier I went to  Borders. This wasn't my first time going this year, but it was the first time I decided to purchase some books. Once I arrived in my favorite section (the African American literature spot) I began to browse through books.

The first book that caught my eye was a book called "Bitch is The New Black." It was kind of high up so I struggled with reaching it. Some people ask for help, but I try to get it myself. Once I picked it up I saw that it was a memoir and it was $25. As much as I wanted it, I didn't want to spend that much money on a book. So I moved on to other books. In the end I bought two books and paid a total of $31. Reading is not cheap, which brings me to my point.

These trips to Borders used to be done with my dad. Of course I was little then and could not go on my own. I was a fast reader back then, so he would take me often. I would grab as much as six books and did not worry about the total cost. He never bugged me about the cost of the books either. He would just let me pick then out and then he would purchase them. Even if the cost did bother him, my happiness was more important.

I guess that's why he always made sure to give me gift cards to bookstore on my birthdays and Christmas. Other gifts were bought, but the gift cards were always sure to be there. I became used to them until they stopped coming.

It's weird. One day the trips to Borders stopped happening and the gift cards stopped being given. Maybe it was because I became a teen and my lifestyle became more expensive. It also could have been because I went off to college and we weren't near each other anymore. The excuse really does matter. The trips and gift cards stopped coming and something replaced it.

Constant complaining...

As a 24 year-old who is desperately trying to get to a point where she can take care of herself financially, I can't do anything right. Absolutely nothing!!! He's always complaining to me about things that I can't change with a snap of my fingers. That's why Borders brought back the memories. Back then I was young and allowed to enjoy myself without any worries. Now that is gone. I'm not saying I want it back, but where did it go?

What did your dad or some other special person in your life used to do, but does not happen anymore? What's been replaced by it and how do you feel about it?

P.S. The books I bought were "The Liar's Club" by Layla Jordan and "Unconditionally Single" by Mary B. Morrison.


  1. I spent about $40 in Borders yesterday lol.

    Hmmm when I was younger my dad used to go out of his way to visit me & my siblings since he lived in another state. That happened less as I got older, and got replaced by the occasional text and call. It seems like I will only see him if I initiate it. I guess It doesn't really bother me, and I moved a lot further away after I graduated from college, I was much closer to my mom anyway.

  2. Yeah, I feel you. Other than Borders I've always been a mommy's girl. Thanks for commenting.