Tuesday, July 10, 2012

2012 Music K Michelle When Crying Is Easy

"When Crying Is Easy" is my favorite song off of K. Michelle's new mix tape 0 Fucks Given. In this song K. Michelle goes over all her problems and then explains that crying is the easiest way to get rid of those problems.
I can definitely relate to the words. Crying has always been the easiest form of getting my issues out. It's been a touch process getting to the tears though. After building up tons of pain, I've had to fight for privacy just to let the tears out. If I've ever cried in front of anyone, they've managed to make me feel like the pain was my fault. So whenever I've been alone and the pain was too much to bear, they tears have always came out easily. Even now when I realize I can really think about my hardships without anyone running in with disapproving eyes, I shed tears.

I don't know if the tears really do the work to eradicate any pain, but they come out easily and they damn sure feel good in the moment.

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