Thursday, July 19, 2012

Brandy Performs "Put It Down" In Cute Outfit

I'm not a label stalker, but maybe I should be. Recently Brandy hit up DC to perform her single for her upcoming album 2/11.

During the performance Brandy worse a cute blue outfit that just needs to be in my closet. From far away it looks as if it could be a one piece suit, but if you look closer you can tell it is a shirt and shorts. It fits her so well and it is an easy outfit to dance in.

Brandy has really upgraded her dance moves. This is definitely an old school singer who is getting her R&B title back to current. "Put It Down" will be on Brandy's upcoming album 2/11, which will be available in August. Check out the performance below.

Breaking News: Brandy's album 2/11 has been pushed back to October. Now I'm starting to wonder if this album will ever be able for our listening pleasures. Probably Not!

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