Thursday, July 19, 2012

With "Mama Drama" Vh1 Manages To Find A Crazier Cast

If you thought "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" was crazy, you need to watch "Mama Drama." This show reaches new crazy television limits.

There's a new show on Vh1 called "Mama Drama" and it's supposed to express the relationships between mother and daughter. At least that is what one mother/daughter pair assumed it would be about when they agreed to be on the show. However, this "Mama Drama" show is far from revealing a nice healthy relationship between a mother and daughter. In fact this show makes "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" look like a good Christian family show.

See, the craziness started at the beginning when a mother (Debbie DeAngelo 49) and daughter ( Gina DeAngelo 24) were washing a car in 2 piece bathing suits. Both were wearing the 2 piece bathing suits and it was disgusting to look at. Even more, the mother was priding her daughter on looking as good as her. I was so confused. That is not a mother/daughter relationship. Then it became crazier.

More party moms and daughters appeared on the screen. There was one quiet daughter who claimed her mom did not have a friendly relationship with her. However, they were not the craziest pair in the bunch.

39 yr old mom/22 yr old twins
The craziest pair happened to be the 39 year old mom with twin daughters that are 22. You do the math. You can't really tell who is the mom and who the daughters are because they all look and act like sisters.

As mentioned above the DeAngelo's were under the impression that Vh1 would hi-light their loving mother/daughter bond. They were obviously not paying attention to all the other reality shows. Instead this show hi-lights over-the-top moms who try be be more like sisters to their daughters. That means lots of two-piece bathing suits, lots of alcohol, and very little parenting.


  1. The black mothers on this show is embarrassing, OMG! Come on show something classy, I would have though that Sharon was gonna at least be at the least the better of the two, she shocked me with her bully ways. Please SEARCH for better representatives of mom and daughters who are Black and no how to have fun without so much all black mom and daughters are not like these poor examples.

  2. I don't agree with the twins and there mother was very good for the show real young mother with young daughters They had classy and and repect for the mother in the house not like the disrespect White daughter talk to the mothers as if they was the same age as them that not right. With Sharon and Ashley . Sharon just need to show Ashely some repect for herself and other as stop start shit . With Marcell and her mother played the victim to much the need because the talk a lot