Monday, July 30, 2012

A Twitter Bully Came For Oprah

Twitter bullies are real. Only you can't see them until they send some crazy out-of-line comment to you. Usually they reserve their bully stance for someone the world has never heard of it. Sometimes they wait for a widely known star to say something they disapprove of before their fast (and messy) mean typed words kick in. Then there are those times where a person whose done a lot for the community gets hit up by a twitter bully. This latest victim just has to be Oprah. Well, actually I wouldn't call Oprah a victim.

This guy just came out of nowhere and asked Oprah what has she done for the ghetto. He really for some reason felt like Oprah has done absolutely nothing for his hood. Maybe she hasn't. No matter how rich she is, she can't save everyone. However, Oprah has put in lots of effort to save people in the ghetto and she let this twitter bully know what's up. The picture to the right is their conversation.

I'm just shocked this man would come for Oprah, but I'm proud of her response. While it was slick, it was also still very respectful to his feelings. No, I'm lying. That guy definitely should have felt either embarrassed or just stupid.

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