Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Is Not Scripted

But it is a made-for-BET movie.

Some people believe Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is a scripted show. They believe there is not even a hint of reality going on. They judge this by Stevie J's calm demeanor whenever a woman is yelling at him. They also take notes of how background people are not staring crazily when fights are breaking out in nice restaurants. In fact there are barely any people in the background. All you see is cameras and camera men. However, the sight of cameras does not make this show scripted. It adds more realization that we are watching reality take place. Below are some example, including the sight and hearing of camera men, that makes this reality and not scripted.

The Camera Man Talked
Actually the camera men were my first realization that Love and Hip Hop Atlanta was not staged. It all started with the very first episode. Let's rewind back a couple weeks. MiMi had just recently discovered that Stevie J was cheating on her with Joseline. So MiMi is chilling with a bunch of girls when one of them points out that Joseline is Stevie's man. The mood turns sour and then all hell breaks loose when Stevie J and Joseline decide to join the party. Everyone argues, they somehow end up outside, and MiMi gives Stevie J an ultimatum. Actually, maybe both MiMi and Joseline threw out ultimatums. I have to watch the episode again. Anyway Stevie J. chooses Joseline and goes running to her limosine. He hops in the seat and the camera man goes "Wait, you leaving with her? What you doing man?" That quote was a little paraphrased, but the point is the camera man was shocked into talking. Now have you ever watched something scripted and heard a camera man's voice? See this is not scripted.

The Natural Flow of The Black Dialect Language Is Present
Black Dialect is a language that comes natural to African Americans everywhere. When you research this type of language on the internet it's most commonly used in older movies showing the lack of education African Americans once had. However, we've learned to take the slave-sounding grammar and turn it into an every day usage. This flows naturally throughout Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Not one person on the show speaks as if they've had any kind of reporter training, an acting experience, or took any English courses seriously. Plus watch The Color Purple again and then watch episodes of Love And Hip Hop. There is no way they could be acting this language out.

Security Guards Are Everywhere
In the movies when a fight breaks out the main characters and supporting characters go at it until someone wins. They have absolutely no help and they have no one stopping them. However, on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta security guards are everywhere. The moment anger boils to the surface a security guard steps into the lime light. What scripted show do you know would strategically start fights and cue security guards to break it up before it really gets physical? This is reality and not some scripted series.

MiMi is Really Angry At Stevie J
On the very last episode MiMi takes Stevie J. a few boxes filled with stuff he left at her house. A lot of people saw this as a scripted show because she only had three or maybe four boxes. However, Stevie J. has been on and off cheating on MiMi for 15 years. He has clothes and collectibles spread all over the place. Plus MiMi admitted that she barely sees him anymore. That means that he would have everything he needs elsewhere. That's reality. In a scripted show the man would have enough clothes strategically in every house he crashes at just to make he look that big. This is not scripted.

Also MiMi and Stevie J are really breaking up in real life. In the movies the couple always works it out in the end. This is not a movie. Some people thought Stevie J. won MiMi over in the last episode after she dropped his boxes off. No, she hopped in her car and ran over his shit.

While the show is not scripted it is a made-for-BET movie.
If you've ever watched a movie on BET you know what I'm talking about. The editing most times is good, but the things people do is so crazy that you just can't stop watching. For instance there's this one movie that The Game did. His acting was terrible, but the movie was so crazy I watched it all anticipating the end. Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is the same way.

An example was when Joseline took the pregnancy test. It is something every woman who thinks she might be pregnant does. However, whoever edits this show made that pregnancy test scene so artistic I had to watch and see if Joseline was really pregnant. This is not the only scene that had the extra creativeness played into it, but it's the most memorable.

 I'm excited about the next episode of this crazy dose of reality now. Have you been watching it. Do you think it's scripted?

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