Friday, July 27, 2012

Just When My Life Gets Boring...

I really do feel like the awkward black girl.

Awkward black girls are those that have to function in life, but do everything possible to blend right in. However, their blending in always backfires and gets them more attention. That's what I do. I try desperately to blend in. Okay, maybe the red hair makes me stand out a little. Then being short gets me noticed a little more, which is weird. I thought the tall people were the ones that stood out. Then being persistent in my goals that only two people close to me probably care about makes me look crazy. Okay, I'm awkward and it shows. 

It shows way too much. For instance yesterday I wanted to have a nice normal day where I woke up, dived into my interests, went to work, did what I was supposed to, and then at the end of the day clocked out and went to sleep. It didn't go that way though. Well, some of it did. The part that backfired was getting to work and starting out the day right. 

It started out normal. I arrived at work ten minutes early and started putting my purse and other things in the trunk. I don't take that into work because at one point I forgot the combination to my locker and it was the end of that. So I put the things in my trunk with plans to hop back in the front seat, but this is when things get messed up. Just as I get back to to the front of the car, the door closes.

Oh No! Well, that's what came to my mind right away after I pulled the handle and the door would not open. I didn't remember locking it. Why would I lock it if I was getting back in? Why would I leave the keys in the ignition. The car was definitely still running. So I panic and then run into the work building. 

It's amazing how many people know how to break into locked cars. 

It took about 15 minutes, two people, a couple scratches around the car door, and my small arms to reach over the window and unlock the door. It finally opened and the boredom was soon back to normal. 

I want excitement in my life, but not the kind where I lock my keys in a running car anymore. 

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