Friday, July 20, 2012

A Week Of Getting Engaged And Calling Off Weddings

I'll start with the wedding that was called off first.

It takes a minute for a television show idea to get shopped around. Even when that show is a reality show, it will more than likely get a lot of no's before someone finally says yes. Well, rapper The Game proposed to his baby mama last October in front of cameras. In the last couple of weeks blogs everywhere started announcing news of a reality show surrounding their upcoming wedding. However, The Game's dedication to being in a loving relationship is as good as his acting skills. In the last few days he announced that a wedding is no longer happening. He claims his baby mama is a good woman, but he's just not ready. Lame excuses! Anyway, while he decided he just couldn't be a husband, other men decided they were ready to give it a try.

One of those men is Stevie J from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. During the extent of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta we've had the pleasure of seeing Stevie J's relationship with his baby mama MiMi Faust fall apart. She's just one of the five baby mamas on his list. Their relationship began to crack with rumors that he was sleeping with his artist Joseline Hernandez.  While MiMi is a well mannered woman who tries to keep her cool, Joseline will let anything slip out of her mouth. Maybe that is what Stevie J loves, because outside of cameras Stevie has proposed to Joseline. According to Joseline's twitter, she loves Stevie forever and their wedding will happen in six months. However, that's not the most surprising engagement of the week.

The most surprising engagement of this week has been news that The Dream is getting married. This news of his engagement comes just after he and Christina Milian have a public beef over parenting. In the midst of the beef The Dream called Christina a gold digger. But wait, this is the same man that does not take care of his children (supposedly). This same man is not fine and only attracts women because of his money. He's rich, so he flaunts it. Now he's getting married again. Someone let The Dream know that this new woman is also a gold digger.

Now this topic is giving me a headache. All of these celebrities can just toss around rings like they get sold at the Dollar Store. Meanwhile a regular chick like me remains single.

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