Friday, January 31, 2014

#300Sandwiches Number 222 And Eric Hasn't Proposed Yet

#222 from
Stephanie Smith has made it to sandwich number 222, but still hasn't received an engagement ring. Have you forgotten about the sandwich lady? Well, thank goodness I'm here to remind you.

Around September of last year Stephanie felt like sharing the joys of getting her man to marry her. They were already shacking up, but she was starting to crave the wedding ring and kids. Possibly in a joking notion her boyfriend said if she made 300 sandwiches for him, he'd get on his knees and propose to her. She took it to heart and starting purchasing all the bread, meat, and cheeses the world has to offer. She doesn't know how to cook the best of meals. He's the chef in the relationship, but he gets turned on from eating sandwiches. In one of her latest posts, Stephanie talks about getting ready to buy more sandwich meat, but it was so cold out she ended up going back home before getting to the store. The post was called I Would Suffer Frostbite For You. However, how far she'd go to make a sandwich for him is not the point.

With all the media attention they received months ago, I was sure Eric, the boyfriend, would have bought the engagement ring by now. Stephanie deserves it with all her hard work. For real, the only way I'd make that many sandwiches purposely was if I was pregnant. However, if I was pregnant my baby daddy wouldn't get them because our unborn child would want them too. Back to the point, she's made 222 damn sandwiches and Eric still hasn't proposed. We know Eric hasn't put an engagement ring on her fingers yet because in her first Superbowl post of this year (the second is a super bowl sandwich) , Am I A Bad Girlfriend If... (the Superbowl edition), she refers to him as her boyfriend.

It's obvious Stephanie loves him. That's the only reason she's made it to 222 damn sandwiches. However, how many sandwiches would it take before you got tired of making them? I'm hoping maybe there will be a special on television where Stephanie makes sandwich 300 and Eric surprises her with a wedding on the spot. Fuck the engagement ring. The wedding ring means a lot more.

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  1. Ummm, WHAT?! Had I not seen the video, I wouldn't have believed this "light hearted joke". I wonder what she'll do if he doesn't propose at sandwich 300?