Monday, January 6, 2014

"Do Not Ever Write About Me Again" #BloodSweatHeels

Bravo has a new show, "Blood, Sweat, and Heels," and it's not featuring regular everyday people with money. This time the people in front of the camera are people we all hop on the computer to read about on a daily basis. They are bloggers, journalists, models, stylists, relationship experts, and ex video vixens.

Sometimes we're reading about them, sometimes we're reading their opinions on others, and other times we're trying to see who they styled. Either way they're always on the radar. Below are the women of the hour.

Mica Hughes: model turned owner of her own modeling agency
Demetria Lucas: blogger/author
Melyssa Ford: video vixen turned real estate broker
Daisy Lewellyn: stylist
Brie Bythwood: a real estate agent with background in journalism and marketing
Geneva Thomas: style and pop culture journalist

No matter how powerful women are, when you get a bunch of them together there is bound to be drama. The drama on "Blood, Sweat, and Heels" comes from an event Daisy Lewellyn decides to throw. During the event she asks questions pertaining to the hottest hangout spots in NYC and if women are capable of being leaders. The problem is all the women in the room are leading in some way, but not all of them feel women over-all can lead the world. The event soon ends, but the conversation weighs heavily on Demetria's mind. Like any other blogger, she runs to the computer and starts expressing her anger towards everything she heard.

While the show started off slow, it ends with everyone checking Demetria's blog and getting mad at her thoughts. Demetria didn't stop at one blog post toward the event. She wrote one one how women can be leaders despite others feeling men should be in control, and then another on her friend snooping through her man's information. She went deep, but her topics probably received a lot of views on the blog.

"This is why I have a problem with bloggers. They sit behind the computer. They don't have any makeup on. They're not watching they're weight and they say anything they want."- Daisy Lewellyn

Upon reading about herself, Daisy expressed her true opinions about bloggers. Well damn, she's right. As I'm writing this I don't have on any makeup, I'm not thinking about my weight, and I'm saying whatever I want. The problem is Daisy should have known better. When in earshot of a conversation a blogger is going to digest it and spit it out somewhere.

"Do not ever write about me again"-- Geneva Thomas

Geneva also had her opinion upon reading Demetria's blog post. She was angry and decided she doesn't want to appear on that blog anymore. I don't know if her opinions were ever mentioned of Demetria's blog anymore, but she's landing on a whole lot more for this show. It is hilarious when people think they are above being talked about.

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