Monday, January 13, 2014

BLOG Is A Four Letter Word #BloodSweatHeels

The second episode of Blood Sweat and Heels was appropriately titled "Blog Is A Four Letter Word." Most of the episode focused on a blog post written by Demetria Lucas. While the other women signed their souls to a season on reality television, they couldn't get past a blog that mentioned none of their names. It was weird and disrespectful to the opinions of writers everywhere.

I've been writing for a long time, but it took a while to find my voice. I went from writing short stories and poetry just for friends to read to becoming a journalism student. In journalism the writer has no opinion. It's all about asking questions and spitting out what others are thinking with their permission. By the end of school I was reminded that after graduating I'm no longer a reporter until someone hires me.

Almost as soon as graduation occurred I had to take my degree and find out what would come next. Being hired to write is super hard, but then the amount employers want to pay you starting out is even tougher. Most of them want to to start out getting experience for free, but bills wait for no one. Food isn't free. New clothes and traveling cost money. A good paying job is essential. Plus I had never stopped writing.

I had already created a blog before leaving college, but my voice needed to be strengthened. I needed to get out of journalist mode and become a real deal opinion writer. Bloggers are just opinionated journalists even if journalists don't see it. Without getting any money from it, I persisted to strengthen my passion for writing through this blog.

Being able to log on and express my opinions about any and everything is the best feeling in the world. No topic is off limits. No person is off limits. I don't mention specific names of every day individuals out of respect, but that doesn't mean they're avoided if whatever they say is controversial enough.

I've found my voice. A blog is a four letter word, but it doesn't mean anyone can take my opinion away from me just because they disagree.

My official review of the second episode will be posted on soon.

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