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#PiecesofMe Exclusive Interview With Singer Levina Lye

22 year old Levina Lye gives every piece of her heart when she sings. From her rockstar cover of The Weeknd's Wicked Games to her cover of Rihanna's Stay, Levina has proven that she is just as talented, if not more, than artists who receive regular radio play. However, she's not just covering songs. She's also writing songs of her own and getting ready to put out an EP called "Pieces of Me." 

I had the pleasure of interviewing Levina Lye on the upcoming EP, the two singles off of it, and more. Check out what she had to say below. 

About "Pieces of Me" And When You Can Expect To Purchase It 

Well I have a spring release set and well, the EP is going to be pretty real. It's all from my point of view, my perspective, things I've been through and things that I think other people need to hear, to relate to, to get through what they need to get through. So it's just going to be something that's real and hopefully everybody can relate to at the end of the day.
Listen to Fade Away Here 

The Meaning of Her Song Fade Away

Fade Away, well I am naturally a really fun, easy going, carefree young lady and I still have a lot to learn about life so fade away is just kind of one of those songs that..I'm at that age where I want to experiment and it's kind of like a carefree song. Like so what if you want to have a drink, have a smoke, whatever you need to escape that's what you do. So that's what the song was about. You know different people use different things. Also love is an escape. Sex is an escape. Alcohol, all that good stuff so..

Ways Levina Escapes Other Than Singing  

Well I like to dabble in drinking. I do smoke. It's important for me to be honest about that. People get caught up later on when you put out an image and you're not really that person. Your past will bite you in the long run. I don't want that to happen for me, so I think it's better to be honest about it ahead of time and put it out there. 
Listen to Abandoned Here 

The Meaning Behind Her Second Song From The EP, "Abandoned"

Abandoned is about pretty much being in love with somebody, caring about somebody deeply and thinking that you and this person have an understanding and connection; that your love is deeper than what the world may think, but when it's not in that person's interest to stick by you anymore they leave. You're just like 'Oh, does this person have my back. I don't know.' So that's abandoned in a nutshell. It's pretty real. It could happen to anybody. 

Me: It's some people that's going to reminisce. They're going to go right back into their past. 

It's not one of those songs that's supposed to bring on self pity. It's more of a 'I wonder why this person did this, but at the same time I'm getting through it.' It's just a question of "Why did you do it?" 

On Choosing Cal from FM for "Abandoned" 

Well, me and Cal, he also is managed by my project manager, and we happened to be around each other on some random day and I told him 'You know I'm recording a song called Abandoned. Check it out. I want you to hear it.' He heard it and he randomly rapped this part after it and I was like 'Wait, say that again' and he did it again and I was like 'Whoa that goes perfect with everything I just said.' 

Other Artists She Wants To Work With

I have a list. I'm gonna say The Weeknd is probably number one or two on my list. 

When She Fell In Love With The Weeknd's Music
I would say like a good 2 and a half years ago. When he first started coming out a few people put me onto him. It took me a while to really listen to him because I had my own stuff going on, but when I finally did listen to him I was like whoa. It was interesting because he was one of those few artists that had a sound that I could relate to and say if I could pick a direction it would be this. He made it a lot more easier for me honestly, and that's how I found the track for Fade Away. 

On Her Version of The Weeknd's Wicked Games

I put a lot of energy and attitude into it. I would say that's the difference between my version and his version. I was more sassy. 

Why She Doesn't Worry About Anyone Judging Her 

Sometimes I can be sexy. Sometimes I can be cute. Sometimes I'm emotional. Sometimes I'm crazy. I'm human and that's what I really want to show people. If I want to feel sexy I should be able to say "Hey, I'm so sexy" and people be okay with that. It shouldn't be something that I'm ashamed of. 

If how I want to be is how I want to be, that should be okay. That's my message. 

You can follow her on twitter at @levinalye and on her website

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