Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What Makes You Unique? (Inspired By Another Blogger)

Do you feel that you stand out from the crowd or do you think you are just like everyone else? As I was browsing through my reading list overnight, I stumbled across What Makes You Unique written by blogger Jewels on at her site.

Her point was to explain how none of us are really unique. We look at ourselves and find qualities that the person sitting next to us may not have. However, there is somewhere somewhere thinking just like us. For instance I'm not the only one in the world that likes chocolate chip cookies, preferably Chewy Chips Ahoy. I'm also not alone in my reality television addiction or love for rap music. 

However, as Jewel did, I'll share some random facts that may not be so random to you all. You might just have the same interests. 

1. I used to want to be a video vixen. Before the phrase was even popular I fantasized about dancing in music videos. Sometimes I still do think about being the center of attention in the latest rapper's hit song about booty shaking, love making, or drug dealing. 

2. The first poster I ever hung up in a gym locker was a half naked picture of Lil Wayne. At the time the only tattoo he had was the Cash Money tattoo written across his chest. 

3. I hate anything involving routines, but find myself falling into routines all the time. 

4. I've already started picturing what life would be like as a single mom or 40 year old woman living alone. 40 is 13 years away. 

5. I'm crazily afraid of heights. I can get on a plane or look out of the window from the 10th floor of a building. However, no mountain climbing or anything that involves hanging from a high place by a rope. 

6. I have no idea what I do to get any man's attention. However, they usually flock my way and say I did something to grab their attention. But nahh, I was probably licking my lips because they felt dry and happened to be glancing that way at the same time. 

7. Pills are either never strong enough to get rid of the pain or so strong I'm out of my natural mind for at least 8 hours. 

8. I've had this dream of becoming an author since I was 10 years old, but have yet to start and finish a book. 

9. I'm not a nerd. In the 8th grade kids labeled me a nerd. There was a test in a science class and everyone at the table decided to copy my answers. We all failed the test, but the label stuck. I'm not a nerd though. 

10. I want to get married and tell everyone after it happens. Yeah, just up and elope and then get everyone else's opinions on it later. 

What makes you different from (or really the same as) everyone else? 

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