Thursday, January 9, 2014

My #BeingMaryJane "Storm Advisory" Review

What happens when you’re dating two men, one of them is married, and your career keeps getting in the way of making a real love connection with either? On top of it all, you are the most responsible person in your family. Mary Jane Paul tries to make it all work. BET made us wait six long months, but the new series “Being Mary Jane” has finally premiered.
In one hour we saw Mary Jane (Gabrielle Union) play many roles. Her first role was as the dependable friend. At the start of the show she swoops in and rescues Dr. Lisa after she has overdosed on pills after a divorce. While being the one in control is fun, no time is wasted getting to her love (or lack there-of) life.
Click on Storm Advisory to read the rest of my review. 

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