Sunday, January 26, 2014

#SundayReflections Always A Demand For Someone New

As long as there's a demand for fresh faces, there will always be room for people to move into their perspective careers. There will always be room for people to climb up the ladder and make more money. There will always be a reason for people to get higher education. From high school to college, it means something. From undergraduate to graduate programs, it means something. It means that there will always be a chance at bettering our lives and our environments.

After reading one of my blog posts, someone asked me if I really believe there's enough room for all the singers that want to be in the music industry. My response was yes. We have artists of the past, the popular ones out now, and the ones who will eventually get their turn. People will get tired of the ones being played now and be ready for fresh voices soon enough.

It's the same for the journalism industry. From the outside looking in it appears that there isn't enough room for all the aspiring reporters. With new laws passing that blur the lines between people who just hopped on the web and started creating content and people who have slaved to get journalism degrees, establishing a spot looks even tougher. However, there is always room for fresh writers. There's room for those online, those aspiring reporters/anchors trying to be on television, and even those going the traditional routes or magazines and newspapers. As long as there is a demand, there will be room for new faces.

Even in that nine to five that involves sitting at a desk all day, there will always be a demand for new people to do the job. Whether McDonalds, Burger King, or Wednesday, new positions will always be opening. Everyone will have their chance to start working and then increase their resumes with better experiences.

This is what I keep telling myself everyday. It's a reminder that I won't always wish for more money or be wandering what it's like to finally start life over somewhere else. I won't always be at the bottom of the barrel scared of what impressions my unavoidable mistakes are making on others, scared that important bills will eventually become higher than my paychecks, scared that I'll lose what little bit of control I do have. I'll be someone's boss one day. I'm not going to wake up ten years from now and be in the same position. It's a reminder that we're all meant to transition upwards to make room for others.

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