Monday, January 27, 2014

This Could Be Us (Poem)

“Love don’t love you and me.
Why else is this happening?
Probably best to let it be.
Something tells me I can’t win.” Amina Buddafly

First mistake is you coming into my life
Before we even meet you’ve already made up your mind
“She’s just a one night stand”
“But if it’s good I’ll hit her up again”
Second mistake is you thinking we can make this work
Only sex, sex, and more sex
Plus trying to limit the time we spend together
Once every couple of weeks
Not enough time to get to know each other
Just enough time for our bodies to crave more
But didn’t you learn from Toni Braxton
After seven whole days
No words from you
The relationship ends
The third mistake is you missing me
As a woman I get so weak in the knees
Even though you’ve done nothing for me
I can hardly speak as you beg and plead
My time is precious
And I’ve never imagined lust like this before
Lacking in affection and no financial gain
Wish we could be more like Beyonce and Jay-Z
A power couple
Or Future and Ciara
The fourth baby mama is the charm
Or even Oprah and Steadman
No wedding ring but it’s still a beautiful union
But you keep making the fourth mistake over and over again
You play too much

I came up with this poem after a full two days of seeing the #thiscouldbeusbutyouplayin twitter hashtag, listening to a podcasts where a 30-something male ranted about how hard strictly sexual relationships are when women don't cooperate, and finishing it off by listening to a friend rant about men only wanting sex. 

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