Friday, January 17, 2014

The Unemployment Office

Years ago after months of not being able to get a job, I became desperate. While jobs seemed to be scarce, unemployment offices seemed to be everywhere. Were there really that many people looking for employment? I wanted to find out. I wanted to see what kind of people ventured there. What were their situations? Were they just like me? I needed help too.

Truthfully I wanted a little more time to search. I was looking for that first start to a blossoming career. It would be enough money fit for a queen. At least it would be enough money to start paying student loans off, save up to move, and treat myself well in my free time. Yeah, it was really a dream.

I was also willing to start small. It would be just enough money to make it from paycheck to paycheck while looking for something better. The small start would give me the ability to learn more about the journalism career field I so badly wanted (and still do) to venture in. I did get that small start and it taught me SEO (search engine optimization.) However, the unemployment office wasn't how I got it.

It was a super hot day in Houston. A friend who was also job hunting wanted to go along, so we picked a place and proceeded to go. Before heading there, we made sure to have our resumes and cover letters done up. I figured even the people who help you get jobs want to look at what you've already accomplished. My accomplishments were horrible. They all consisted of lots of volunteering and higher education. Education is not a self achievement. It's what you do to impress others. So as I looked it over, I prayed hard. How could they help a girl that had done so little to actually help herself? My resume probably revealed a woman with a big heart, but it also revealed little to no financial gain.

But I was ready for the money to start coming in from anywhere. I hoped my friend was since she had agreed to the idea of going. When we arrived to the place, we made sure to grab everything we thought we needed. Then while she slowly walked up to the door, I rushed. Someone would finally be able to be of assistance to my crazy struggle to get like the rest of the working world.

However, we never got help. What happened next is the product of a person being sheltered all their life. My friend became scared. Even though she wanted help, something in her mind told her that her suburban background made her better than everyone else. The people inside looked like strangers to her. Well Duh! They came off as dangerous to her. I didn't see it. She didn't know what they were capable of doing to her. I felt like they were just like me. Her fears were real, so we turned around without going inside.

I did eventually go back, but by myself. I learned a few things about going there.

One is that you're definitely as good as the people you're surrounded by. I wasn't good during that first trip because my friend wasn't.

Another is that I should have waited longer. Most jobs are seasonal. In fact the saying is that you have a better chance of getting hired during the first half of the year.

The final is that there are so many people with huge dreams. That initial visit was full of people trying to get employment help. The second time I went was a different location. I wasn't crowded because the place didn't have that many employment opportunities to offer anyone. However, just seeing the amount of people inside the first time blew my mind. I wish I could meet every last one of them and ask what their goals are.

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