Wednesday, January 22, 2014

#BeingMaryJane The Unbelievable Lonely Woman Story

Being Mary Jane is continually playing with our emotions in every single episode. However, in the third episode of the season I wasn't falling for the crazy lonely woman story. If you didn't catch it, here it goes.

Mary Jane Paul's boss is handed over this story of a woman who died at the age of 38 in her home while watching a movie on Showtime. She was someone's ex-wife or girlfriend. The relationship ended so badly they never spoke again. Her family seems to be nowhere to be found. No one bothers to check on her. Not her family, ex-men, job, free, or even the damn bill collectors. Three years pass and the apartment complex finally decides to evict her. When they get to her place, they find her bones on the couch with Showtime still playing on the television. The whole point of this story is that she dies alone and it is being turned into a documentary warning people of the dangers of an isolated life. But there is one huge problem.

The storyline is bullshit. First, what happened at work? Did the job figure this woman just up and quit and that's why she didn't return to work? Nope, I believe at least one person at the job should have been close enough to check up on this woman. If not, she had the worst kind of job ever.

Then there are the bills. Cable gets crazily expensive. You mean to tell me this woman had enough money in her account that her cable bill was still being paid three years after her death. I find it unbelievable that her money was that long. I also find it unbelievable that Showtime was still blasting. The cable box would have burned out after a couple months. Of course there are also all the other bills. Nothing was getting paid, not even the rent.

The rent part is the most unbelievable thing of them all. In the 21st century if you're a day late on rent they stick up the note saying you have a month before you can get evicted. Some apartments add daily fees after you are already late, which just sets you up for failure. Let me tell you my experience. I signed a contract to move into an apartment on a certain day. They tried to charge me extra fees saying I moved in earlier, which I actually moved in a week later than I was supposed to since the apartment was still not ready. I no longer live there, but they had messed up games. If I would have died, they would have evicted my dead body two days after I was gone. It would not have taken damn near three years for anyone to come looking to kick me out.

Although nothing about that dead lonely woman story made sense, make friends. Keep in touch with your family. Buy a dog that will get on the neighbor's nerves trying to alert them that something is wrong. Be sociable enough to where you don't turn into that dead lonely woman or even dead lonely man everyone is slightly laughing at while watching the news.

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