Monday, May 5, 2014

(Guest Post) My Friend Had To Remind Me I Was Beautiful

Do you know that you're beautiful? The following is a guest post writing by La'Janee Cosby of I Can Repeat It. She talks all about how she realized she was beautiful.
Many have high self-esteem. But not too many people actually value their beauty.
In this life, we're taught to be honest, work, pay bills, and do the best we can. And somehow in between doing those things we're supposed to remember to have self-esteem. We're to remember that we are beautiful, competent, and worthy. That's what we're supposed to know, right? What about valuing our beauty, our natural beauty?
Whose responsibility is it to teach us this? Is it our parents or friends? Or is it our responsibility to teach ourselves about our own self-worth?
For as long as I can remember, I've always had high self-esteem. Yes, I was picked on because I was always the heavier chick in school, and some guys didn't want to date me because it wasn't cool to be seen with a big girl. But yet and still I accepted myself and knew I was beautiful. Of course, I dealt with a few insecurities but all in all I knew who I was. But it wasn't until I graduated from college that I actually valued my beauty and who I was. 
One day I was on the phone with a guy that I was dating, and he was telling me that he admired me and my beauty. And I was like, 'oh ok.' I knew he liked my curves, my full thighs and lips, long hair, and my ASSets. So, when he said this I wasn't excited. I guess he could tell in my voice that I thought he was just going on and on talking about my physique and I wasn't moved.
The conversation continued and he said, "I really admire your beauty. You're a very beautiful woman. Yes, I like your body but your smile and your skin are beautiful. You don't need any make-up. You're naturally beautiful. “He continued and talked about my gap and the things that made me so attractive. He even talked about my accomplishments and my hustle mentality.
Once we hung up, I started to think about what he said. All my life, I had self-esteem but I didn't value my beauty. I didn't realize that my gap was a flaw that was imperfectly perfect. I had no idea that my dark chocolate smooth skin was something that many people admired. I was oblivious to the fact that I'm a natural beauty.
From that moment on, I was less afraid of not wearing make-up. I would go bare faced with just a little gloss and be just fine. I started to pay attention to my beauty and most of all I started to appreciate it.Sometimes we just need that one somebody to break it down for us and help us see the big picture. And I'm glad that my friend told me that I was beautiful. At the time, I didn't even know that I didn't value my beauty. It wasn't until we had that discussion that I believed that I was beautiful. It’s funny what a person can teach you about yourself.
Who taught you that you were beautiful or handsome (for the men)?

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