Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pictures & Expectations Beyond The Internet

"I realized it was bad when chicks started settling for dick print pics instead of telling a real nigga to come thru smh."- via @seefrvncis

As I spotted this down my twitter line I couldn't help but laugh. Although it's not just the prints we women are getting. Men are sending pictures of their dicks without any expectations of seeing the woman they've sent the picture to. Even more, we women are settling for the pictures. It's so much more complicated than only seeing a picture though.

Many of these men are in committed relationships. Some of them are wearing wedding rings as they type. Some are so horny they would probably have sex with anything (not just anyone) anyway, so pictures are safer. Then there are the men that are extremely bored and have pictures ready to send at any woman's request.

I received a picture yesterday that was totally unexpected. I asked for it, but didn't expect the guy to send it. Because of what I did I probably should have been sending him something privately, but the power of woman makes men totally miss the little details. When did twitter make it possible to send pictures through direct messages anyway? Oh, and I have no idea where this guy lives and he has no idea of where I live either. The expectations didn't surpass twitter.

However, I do realize that some of the pictures are being sent with future expectations. This part is complicated too. How much do I trust a man that is getting my attention over the internet for purely physical reasons only? Do I meet up with him? Pictures are supposed to make you yearn for the real deal. In the year of 2014 where Love & Hip Hop exists, women that kissed Flavor Flav keep getting new love interests, and untraditional preachers that didn't even wait until marriage to produce children have television shows, is whatever happens on the internet meant to just be internet fun?

I know the answers. What do you think?

P.S. If you happen to read this and feel like responding to me, don't ask why I didn't include anything about us women and pictures. There are a million a day voluntarily and sometimes involuntarily. Men don't have to ask.

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