Thursday, May 1, 2014

#PreachersDaughters Tori Elliott Talks About Overcoming Struggles

Via her Instragram Tori Elliott shared with us a poem and message about overcoming pain. The second season of Preachers Daughters is almost over and the daughters this season have faced some tough issues.

Kolby faced lots of embarrassment as Victoria Koloff came up with new ways to educate her youngest daughters on no sex before marriage. Kolby's older sister Teryn Koloff Chapin was really the daughter with the issues as she faced marital problems.

Taylor Coleman battled her feelings as her dad went through dialysis because of kidney failure. In the last episode we saw good news. Her mother was a match, so he could get a kidney transplant right away.

Then there was Meagan Cassidy, a new face to the show. She was struggling with being a normal teenage girl that crushes on boys and sometimes get caught up in bad situations. At the same time her father was transitioning into being a full time pastor. It's hard to be a teenager who likes the idea of smoking weed and kissing boys when your father is a full time pastor.

While the other girls had serious issues, there is always one that needs more help than others. That girl just happened to be Tori Elliott. Tori had her heart broken severely by a man who asked her to marry him and then he disappeared. She also joined one of the toughest careers fields, becoming a police officer, but couldn't handle the pressure. Initially she seemed like she just loved to party too much, but it was just the surface of what she was going through. We witnessed Tori drinking a lot, smoking weed, and taking all kinds of pills. However, there is a happy ending. After the last episode she posted a message to her Instagram account. Read below.

I wrote this the night I decided to tell someone about what I was going through. I'm not telling anyone this to feel sorry for me I'm telling you this so that you can SEE it DOES and it WILL get BETTER!! I promise! Don't give up on life!! If you can just make it through one more SECOND, one more MINUTE, one more'll feel so much better one day. #StayStrong #StayAlive

I'm inspired by how all of these girls are able to tell their stories. They are preachers daughters and they are all being judged much harder than the rest of us. They are all brave. 

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