Sunday, May 18, 2014

High Self Esteem Is…? #SundayReflections

High self esteem is knowing I can make it across the monkey bars at 27 years of age. Yeah, I was at the park swinging, climbing the monkey bars, and even rocking back and forth on the animal things. I really believe that kids have the highest self esteem.

Kids are pure. Their imaginations have no boundaries, they still believe they can be whatever they want to be, and they base their goals around having fun. They may not call their plans goals, but they sure do follow through with whatever they put their minds to.

They have lots of fun at the park. They plan play dates with other children and then ask for the permission from parents. They decide on the new toys that they want without having any money to buy those toys. Even in professional establishments like the doctor's office or a restaurant, a kid doesn't let everyone else's somber moods stop him/her from getting up and making his/her own fun.

Recently I read a horrifying story of child abuse. A woman was arrested for beating her 6 year old to the point that school officials had to send the child to the hospital. She broke bones in the child's bottom and the child had some damage to his head from getting hit. This beating came from a report card where the child had an N. N stands for needs improvement. Actually N on a report cards stands for nothing at 6 years old. This doesn't determine whether that child will grow up to be a doctor or a live on the streets. It doesn't determine whether his 12th grade report card will be all A's or even if he'll be making $150,000 per year when he's an adult. That fact that she beat him wasn't the scary part. It was the fact that at such a young age he has been taught to get rid of his imagination with no boundaries. He has been taught that grades are more important than being a happy kid. He's been pushed into the world of stress at a very young age.

To me high self esteem is having no limits in doing whatever you put your mind to. Kids know how to do that until you take it away from them.

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