Thursday, May 1, 2014

If Only For One Night (Poem)

The following poem is free-writing. I was listening to a song and this is the result. Enjoy! 

If only for one night, wrap your arms around me. 

As the air-conditioner cools the home down, try your best to hold me tight. I can see it in your eyes that you’re not the loving type, but try your best to make me feel special. 

I’ve rehearsed this moment a thousand times, how to get you to notice me, the moment we’d finally be alone face to face, how your lips taste, how many rounds the sex could last. 

But please don’t rush the night. Let’s do it in slow motion, finding out a little more about each other, like what’s your favorite color again, and what’s your ideal place to take me to. 

Even if we never see each other again, seven whole days you’ll have forgotten about me already, let’s set the mood, a small lamp illuminating the room, highlighting the beauty of my brown skin against your brown skin as I ride you, or you take control, sex so good have me screaming out your name, still dreaming about you weeks later, making me wonder how can something so good hurt you so much. 

But pain is pleasure and tonight you’re allowed to hurt me good. Even if being with you is wrong, let’s abandon the rules and have crazy sex.

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